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The Ontario Yankee Program is designed with the following principles:

Coaches:  Advanced training by quality and professional coaches. Our coaches will be the best available and with particular specialties. Our coaches will be paid and not be parent volunteers. Every coach’s mandate will be to make each player better and to enhance individual performance; not the win-loss record of a team. Finally, coaches will measure success based on the achievements of individual players and their continued development.

Strength and conditioning:  While we all wish we could have a 6’5” frame to build on, that’s not always possible. What is possible however, is getting stronger, faster, and more athletic which all become increasingly critical difference makers. Within any age group, an age appropriate and disciplined strength and conditioning routine is critical. The Ontario Yankees program also invests in a proven Speed and Agility program – as proper running technique and form can make the difference.

Academic guidance:  Academic support and monitoring are an integral component of the program.  The program places a firm and strong value on the importance of players maintaining their studies in high regard.   Coaching and guidance will be offered to players and parents to ensure eligibility to go to the best schools possible. This will include preparation for SAT and ACT testing.   Finally, unlike many other programs, the Ontario Yankees understands the importance of a well balanced education, therefore we encourage players to participate high school sports.

Recruitment: The Ontario Yankees program has a full time on site Recruiter which will offer players and parents recruitment essentials.  It is important to understand however, that although our goal is to support players achieve US scholarships, there are many factors beyond our control, therefore we CAN NOT guarantee scholarships however will do our best to provide access.

Measurements: Every player needs to know where he stands, and where he needs to go. Periodic measurements will be taken of each player through specific and meaningful evaluations.   Periodic written reports will also be shared when appropriate.  Measurements are not used to compare players, but rather as individual benchmarks for player development.

Playing time:  Playing games with a purpose beyond wins/losses. Whether playing exhibition games or in tournaments, coaches will emphasize learning via play and game situations. Games will be opportunities for instruction.  Playing time will not always be equal and will be up to the sole discretion of the Head Coach.

Individual Responsibility:  Players will be counseled and coached on taking personal responsibility for their own goals. It’s not enough to just join an “elite” program, and then sit back and expect great things to happen. Beyond what any team or program can provide, a player seeking to play at a college level or higher, must understand the importance of and embracing the rigors and demands of training, practicing and working above and beyond the day to day.