Nigel Wilson (Ontario Yankees)

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Nigel Wilson

Nigel E Wilson (Born January 12th, 1970 in Oshawa, Ontario)
Nigel_Wilson.jpgNigel Wilson is a former professional baseball player who played both for the MLB and the International Pro Baseball League in Japan.  Wilson primarily played as an outfielder as well as a designated hitter; which ultimately earned him much of his success. 

Wilson grew up in the Durham region and graduated from Ajax High School in 1988.  Nigel was an all-around athlete; however, his passion was baseball.  He attained great success in baseball very early in his adult life by turning Pro at the age of 16 when he got drafted by the Toronto Blue Jays & played for Team Canada.  His talent and determination paved the way to a very prosperous baseball career. 
While in the MLB, in the 1992 expansion draft, the Florida Marlins chose Nigel as their first round, first pick draft choice.  Other teams he played for were the Cincinnati Reds and the Cleveland Indians.

Nigel expanded his overall baseball experience by participating in winter ball in places like Venezuela and Puerto Rico and finally in 1997 testing his talent on an international level; he signed a contract with the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan.  He knocked his career right out of the park with his home run stats.  In his first two years, Nigel won the Pro Japan Leagues Home Run Title and by his fifth year was recognized for reaching the 100 home run mark.  Other accomplishments include hitting 4 home runs in one single game and winning the leagues RBI title. 
Nigel’s hitting success is a definite asset to the Ontario Yankees program as he provides one on one instruction and analysis.