A Message from the Director of Baseball Operations (Ontario Yankees)

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Message From The Director of Baseball Operations

Our program is designed to provide professional instruction and career direction for committed students of the game.  Through advanced training and conditioning techniques, under the guidance of our qualified coaches and instructors, we position our players to accomplish their goals.

Our coaches are invested in each player’s success both as a member of the Ontario Yankees program as well as their future baseball career.  Coaches will prepare players to position themselves in the best way possible for “showcase” events/tournaments, by providing mentorship, quality instruction, and exposure to both Canadian and U.S. colleges.  We succeed when our players succeed; therefore we expect that players uphold a strong work ethic by always working towards their highest potential.

The Ontario Yankees Baseball Program is dedicated to assisting players in their growth and development as athletes.  Our program assists in promoting the importance of teamwork, effort, goals, and commitment both on and off the field.  Talent is simply not enough in order to be successful.  We can teach the fundamentals, however hard work and dedication will be required of each player. 

Finally, we understand that players are Student-Athletes, therefore it is of the utmost importance that players understand that their education is a fundamental component of the program and they are accountable in ensuring their academic responsibility is upheld.

We’re confident that the players, coaching staff and families will all have a positive season.


Nigel E. Wilson
Director of Baseball Operations